pearls + lilac + Louis {wiws}

Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been a confusing time for the sun here in Indy -- am I suppose to shine, or hide behind the clouds? or just disappear because a thunderstorm is coming?

I mentally prepared myself for a jog yesterday morning. I watched the forecast Friday morning before I went to work. It was forecasted to rain later in the day so I thought Saturday morning would have been perfect for a jog. Instead I was woken up by thunder yesterday morning...

And errands took over our day, next thing I realized it's already 8:45pm and I am nursing Sebastian.

I am hoping today will be a better day. The sun is still confused. I just need to get my body moving. I stepped on the scale and (insert emoji of the monkey covering his/her eyes) I am officially overweight per my BMI.

That depresses me a lot.

So I brought out the pearls.

I brought Louis to church.

New top from anthropologie ~ on clearance! // skirt ~ F21 // espadrilles ~ coconuts // pearls ~ Kaitlin's igshop // purse ~ Louis

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  1. I wouldn't look at that BMI chart- you seriously look great. Love the pearls!

  2. You look amazing. Love your outfit, the peplum looks perfect with your gorgeous tulle skirt.


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