Babies, nfp and saving lives {7qt}

1. My Sebastian is 10 months old!
He is not crawling yet. He gets places by scooting. I thought he will be pulling up to stand now. But he's such a content baby. Just chilling on the floor and waiting to be picked up or pulled up to stand.

He forgot his signs. He was doing so well until he got an ear infection. His way of communication was replaced by fussiness and crying. I am hoping he will use his 'milk' and 'more' signs more consistently.

2. I'm going cake pop crazy. What did I get myself into? I am no baker! I'd rather cook up a storm than bake a wedding cake.

The things we do for our kids, huh! I promised Daniel cake pops for his party. I sure will deliver!

3. Nfp
I Saw this on the nfp Indy website.

We sure don't look like this when interpreting our charts.

More like this. With a baby!


Nfp is hard for breastfeeding moms. I don't even know how to make sense of my temps and my symptoms (!)

Hence researching the nfp Indy website and looking for refresher courses. I found out there's a postpartum class offered too. I am signing up for that one!

4. Save lives
Have you taken a CPR class?
I encourage you to do so.

I do not need to keep up with my pediatric advanced life support (PALS). Basic life support (BLS) for health care providers would be sufficient for me. I do not work at the ER or ICU.

High quality CPR, which is taught in BLS, is what saves lives. Out in the field, the park, pool, grocery store, airplane.

Recertifying was for my own knowledge. It's nice to keep updated with PALS.

5. Babe born with HIV
NPR did a segment on the babe that was thought to be 'cured' after receiving antiretrovirals right after birth. The virus was undetected for quite sometime. The treating physicians, however, remained skeptical. They tested her routinely. Until recently, lab results showed positive viral titers.

One more thing about this story, the babe was lost to follow up for about 6 months. She was not getting her meds those 6 months.

Cases like that of "lost to follow-up" or noncompliance sadden me.

6. Baby jogger craze
A couple of weeks ago, I found a double jogger on craigslist. I was looking for a Phil and Teds, similar to Grace's.
But There were several double joggers though.

The older children like our new-to-us jogger. The weather here in Indy has been pleasant that we are able to jog on the evenings.

7. Picture I'm sharing

Daniel always finds the biggest twigs or branches in our backyard and brandishes them as if they're swords.

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