got ready like it's a first date

Shouldn't we always get ready for a date with our husbands like it's a first date?

I did not mean to take 45 minutes to get ready. In fact, I already know what I want to wear for months! I bought this dress while I was still pregnant with Sebastian (so yes, you've got your calculations right! I got this dress last summer!) I got tired of buying loose dresses for my growing body and belly.

So pop Sebastian, and I still did not wear this dress.
1. It's short for work.
2. I cannot really wear it when I am with Sebastian... How can I nurse while wearing this thing?!

We got so busy.... With life.... That Derrick and I haven't been on a date. Sure, we have gone out without the older two. Bringing Bastian alone to our Friday-eating out was pretty much date night. Sebastian is so quiet and such an easy child that he sometimes just sleeps in his car seat or sits on my lap.

But there is nothing like a date-date without the children.
And we still followed our rule of no conversations about our children for at least the first 30 minutes of our date.

It's nice to reconnect.
Nice to know that hubs and I still have things in common -- besides our children.

Dress ~ Urban Outfitters

Pink Flats ~ zulily, gift

satchel ~ my new D&B purse via hautelook, shoulder strap sent back so it can be shortened.

my handsome date

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