crochet + shells + ripped jeans {five faves}

Sharing my five favorites this week that inspired this outfit.

1. crochet top

This season calls for dainty, lacy, crochet-y (not a word, I know) tops. I love this one from A&F, bought on sale! yay!

2. ripped jeans

I am still in the mode to buy ripped jeans. They give my son a heart-attack every time I wear them. He says, I need new pants because these are broken. (insert emoticon: squeezing eye >_< like so)

Hidden jeans, thrifted

3. shell necklaces

My grandma sent >10 necklaces and >10 earrings. I am dying in delight!

Here's a shell necklace from the Philippines.

4. new lipcolor

it was Burn before

then Tempt

then back to Burn

Soulmate by covergirl. this is a spring color with glittery soft feel on my lips! I am wearing it on these photos.

5. Straightening iron

I use my straightening iron to curl the ends of my hair. I have better luck using that rather than my curling iron. This is a trick I learned from my lovely hairdresser.

My 5 year old $20 -straightening iron went caput... So I found another one at Target, also for $20. And the handle swivels. I like it!

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