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it's Friday! which means it's link-up time with Jennifer!

1. I promised a post with the newest baby in the family. Baby Amelia.

She weighs as much as my almost 9-month old baby boy, Sebastian. She's 5 months younger!

Her cheeks are soooo kissable.
Her eyes are sooooo beautiful.
And I could go on and on.

2. Have you had this sense that your brain is telling you that "somebody" is looking at you? as if you could see their eyes on your peripheral vision when in fact you could only see their silhouette "looking" at you?

well, I was at the post office dropping off one of my closet sales. There's this guy who was staring (again, not seeing his face on my peripheral vision, but just his frame and my brain was telling me, he is looking at you).

ok so i look back.
as soon as he made eye contact: he pointed at my necklace. "are you from the pacific islands?"
I touched the big shell and said: my grandma gave it to me. She's from the Philippines.

He stated: I am moving to Marshall Islands and sending a package there. That's not too far from the Philippines.

I have no clue where Marshall Islands is... so i checked the map.
ok, got it.
it is somewhat close to the Philippines.

3. And here's the picture of the outfit and big shell necklace.
It's huge (and pretty!)

Top ~ A&F, clearance! // shell necklace from my Lola // bracelets from my Lola as well

Ignore my yellow looking self. There was a huge thunderstorm that afternoon. I debated for a little bit if it's worth getting wet just to satisfy my vanity... Reasoning won. I opted to look yellow with the weird lighting inside the house.

4. Did you check my post about avatars and smurfs?
I am taking a vote.
Do I look like Momma Avatar or Momma Smurfette?

5. For all breastfeeding moms, thought I share this amazing post by katrina. I have tried her recommendation of dangle feeding three times now... And though it looks weird and awkward, it does work.

6. Grill queen
Ever since Derrick showed me how easy it is to turn on the grill, I have been cooking >50% of our weekly dinner menus on the grill.

Who says only men can grill?

i can do it!

With my work clothes on... sparkles and all

Try this recipe which I found from Lisa.

And this recipe -- which I think needs more bourbon!

7. Picture I am sharing

I grammed this already. But it needs its place here on the blog. I gave in to a glass of moscato while cooking dinner. I could not wait for dinner. I needed my mommy juice. (just one of those days!)

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Oh, those chubby baby cheeks look so kissable! We only have a charcoal grill so I've never given it a try, but gas grills intimidate me too. Maybe I'll give it a try someday if we get one. :) And Moscato is a favorite of mine, too. When days get crazy, thank goodness for wine!


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