Spring dress + cropped blazer {wiww}

Don't be too fooled of our happy faces... these are happy pictures.

But life is real here in the brick house.

I have a headache. I am still wearing pjs. I haven't worked out in days (boo). I am post post-call. Waking up with sick,fussy babies in the middle of the night is slowly catching up with me. I am scratching my eyes out because of allergies. I am behind on things that I promised to do (I don't like that at all).

So whatever keeps us going, eh?
It is running, biking and swimming for some.
It is listening to Sports Radio for one.
It is dressing up for me.

Looking presentable helps me keep going throughout my day. Take that, post-call + allergies + URI headache!


Cropped Blazer ~ Anthropologie, thrifted // Spring (happy!) dress ~ thrifted, I am not familiar with brand // peep-toe wedges ~ super old, shocking enough, I have had them since med school! aaahhh.

We could not get a decent full body shot for my other outfit. It was a rainy day and we just used the sun room for natural lighting.

Tank ~ Banana Republic // Skirt ~ J. Crew, thred-Up // sandals ~ new, bought on clearance at target! // necklace ~ zulily

ok I am taking a quick nap. Sebastian is napping. Isabel is watching Chip-wrecked. Maybe I can squeeze in 15 mins of shut-eye?

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  1. Ahhh I love those shoes!!! And I also love the blurred background in your pics...my Canon G15 is nice but I can't quite achieve that affect.


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