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After reading a thank-you note from his friend:D: Where's the money?

Me: what money? she is thanking you for coming to her party. They are not going to give you money.

D:Don't wear that mommy.

which one? my floral top or my super high wedges?

While I gazed lovingly at him,

Me: How come you're not a baby anymore?

D: Because I grow.

Me: pretty soon, you'll be leaving me. you'll be off to college?
D: what's college? I will live in a different home?
Me: Can I come with you then?
D: hesitated for a microsecond, then nodded: u-huh.

Remember this day, boy....

While brushing Isabel's teeth... And cannot look at him.
D: mummy, look at me!

Look at me!

I can't do this forever.

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  1. Oh, kids and cards- that first one too funny. :)


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