TK graduation + dress it up + birthday weekend {7qt}

1. TK graduation

My little guy has grown so much and learned so much since I dropped him off that first day of TK. Fast forward 9 months and here he is: receiving his TK completion certificate.

The program was so nice and sweet. They recited their prayers, alphabet song, days of the week, months, pledge of allegiance. They signed the alphabet! They also dance their TK song: Happy by Pharrell (which per NPR, has the balance of regular beats and complex beats that make us dance! I heard it on morning edition)

2. Peonies

I am so in love with my garden. I received these beauties a couple of birthdays ago. I have harvested 4 vase-fulls (not a word I know) of peonies. I kept two at home, gave one for birthday girl (see below) and one for my desk.

{sneak preview of one of my fave indulgences: clue: sugar, butter, banana and nutella}

3. a week is not complete without an outfit post....

Top ~ loft, thrifted // skirt ~ loft, old // pumps ~ aerosoles // necklace ~ from my my grandma

Top ~ express, old // skirt ~ F21, thrifted // sandals ~ target // pearls ~ Kaitlin's igshop

4. Lola turned 38.

Daniel said Lola is 37 years old... so that means, she turned 38 years old yesterday. her heart is as big as the pacific ocean. It is filled with love for these five beautiful grandchildren!

5. who is turning 18??? oh yeah, me!

This weekend is my birthday weekend.

Hubs: uhmm.. I forgot to ask you what you want for your birthday. Do you want anything in particular?

Me: well.... I got these sandals to match isabel's and this one-piece .... so you're covered.

Hautelook also has KSNY! I am eyeing the cross body bags... how many pink purses do I need?

**jcrew also has 30% off the sale items!

6. all-you-can-eat sushi

I was really skeptical about all-you-can-eat sushi. I am not a fan of sushi buffets in Japanese/Chinese buffet restaurants. They are not as good as the ones made to order.... but when my sister suggested we try Sushi Club because it has great reviews (I am surprised!), we went and celebrated mom's bday there.

If you eat the fancy rolls and nigiri, then the $19.99 all you can eat price is worth it. But if you just get 1-2 rolls (they have 8 in them!) you are better off ordering a la carte. I also like the policy that you pay the ones you cannot eat if >7 rolls left over (something like that). I hate wasting food.......

7. Picture I am sharing

look how Derrick found us. Knocked out and tired after a day at the museum.

It's Friday so my day is not complete without linking up with Jennifer!

I am also linking up with Lindsay and Sarah

Happy Friday! and Happy birthday weekend to me!

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