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1. Leader in me
If there is something worth being late for: it's seeing my firstborn receive a leadership certificate! granted, we were already late for the morning bell. The assistant teacher approached me: "Daniel is our leader of the week. If you want to stay for it. He does not know about it."

I thought he would be embarrassed and have a hard time going to the front of the assembly. He surprised me! He heard his name and gave me a quick 1-2 second look of disbelief. Then he turned around and went to the front!

{My son's school utilizes the Leader in Me process}

2. Cuddle time
My middle child (oh I hate that term) loves her cuddle time. She gets at least a cuddle time in the couch with me ~ without the baby. She also gets a "pick-me-up" and carry me time at least once a day. And it can be while I am cooking or cleaning or working out, literally ANYTIME.

Any of you moms/parents, having the same experience with their baby girl once they become an older sister?

Isn't she adorable?
Her mama thinks so!

ootd: Hello Kitty raincoat and rainboots ~ from Auntie Feli {thanks a bunch!}

3. Potty training
It is a battle. Definitely not one of my fave things of parenting. I saw this post by Stephanie and utilized quite a few tips. We used a timer. I ask her to go to the potty when I go (Sorry TMI). She goes to the potty right after waking up, getting up from a nap after breakfast and lunch. But I still seem to miss her potty time! What?!?!?! and of course, there's the "I don't want to, mummy."

I take the blame! Because when my husband is around, he is more proactive. When I am alone at home, I have the baby to feed/change and then food to prep, laundry to do etc etc distracting me. So I take all the blame that Isabel is still not 100% potty trained.

4. Temperamental boobas
Skip this take if bodily fluids and breasts make you feel uncomfortable.
I have had issues with plugged ducts with Isabel. This third time around is not any different. I had mastitis this past Christmas break. And since I have been part-time for 3 weeks, I have had plugged ducts from either breast at least 3-4 times!

Sebastian eats just an hour late from his usual feeding or skips one breast before I go to work and voila, expect a plugged duct!
oh what to do?
I used to think that oversupply is great! It takes off the pressure of meeting Sebastian's goals for pumped milk when I am at work. But when we are together, I make more than he can eat and this happens.

Two days after unplugging the plugged duct, the pain still persisted. next day, I have a fever without any other symptoms. No cough, cold, diarrhea, vomiting to blame. That's when I knew my fever and chills could only be because of the painful breast. OUCH.

I warned ya.

5. Spring is here!!!
Temps in the 50s-60s Mon-Fri. wow. I never thought this week will come.

But wait! Snow moving in tonight! Ugh.

6. Roof dam
High temps means melting ice and snow. We had a roof dam above our bay window and had a leak. Our pillows got wet. About two feet of the carpet in the family room was wet. The children's toys were also wet. I am worried about the ceiling of the bay window. Hubs said it won't happen again unless there's another roof dam.... I am not sure. I have to do more research.

Anybody with experience with such things? I am worried about mold.

7. Picture I am sharing
This week marks my first official week of clinical work.
Here's my little guy reading his first EEG. He did a great job!

Joining Jen @conversiondiary for my weekly 7 quick takes. head over to her site to view more quick takes. Happy weekend!

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