Ladybug + cords + distressed jeans {wiws}

These thrifted distressed jeans are perfect for my {*tweener} body. But they were too distressed for church. So after clicking these photos, I changed to a darker wash -non-distressed pair.

Corduroy jacket ~ J.crew // thrifted
Polka dot shirt ~ F21 // aka "momma, you're ladybug" per my daughter
DIstressed jeans ~ F21 // thrifted
Boots ~ WhiteMountain // old
Purse ~ Burberry

Mass Behaviors:
Daniel ~ A Thanks to the Higlights mags from Auntie Feli. Those things kept him busy.
Isabel ~ A++ thanks to a nap before Mass, she behaved so well. She sat for an hour without fussing! Hands on her lap too! Yay!
Sebastian ~ A

Also sharing what my preschooler did over the weekend. He wrote valentines! I don't remember writing my friends' names at 4 years old! I'm impressed. I'm proud of my little guy. He wanted to do it and so I helped him. I spelled the names and he wrote them all. All 21 classmates plus 2 teachers!

Some letters are upside down or mirror image... But I don't care. I'm so proud that he even wants to label them all. Way to go, Daniel!

Linking up with the ladies at FL&P and the pleated poppy.

*Tweener: maternity jeans loose, but pre-pregnancy clothes still do not fit

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