My Valentine’s and healthy living {7qt}

.1. It’s the feast of St. Valentine, priest and martyr. How are you celebrating your day? I have 4 Valentines now! Lucky me!

For my first Valentine: remember what I posted this week??? Funny, hubs, funny….

2.      How about my little guy? I am thrilled that I can celebrate a V-day party with him and his class later today.

Here’s what I have waiting for him. He will be a little disappointed . He is expecting power rangers. But I could not  stay away from these cookies! I had them growing up.

3.      And my little princess?  Her favorite  phrases right now are:

Im a pincess (no r) followed by.....ballerina… (with a twirl)

I don’t wanna, mummy. I don’t wanna.

Tootie (cookie)

Chotlate and roll, chotlate and roll (Nutella and Hawaiian roll)

I felled. (I fell)

Milth, milth (milk of course!)

And this is what’s waiting for her.

^Sorry for blurry face. The hearts dress got all the camera focus, huh?^

4.      My last Valentine, Mr. Sebastian is 5 months old already.  Wow… he is sitting unsupported
for  3-10 seconds at a time. He is reaching for his toys more consistently. He watches me with intent. I am grateful he lets me cook dinner or work out. He is content just watching me as long as he is fed. But why, oh why, is he waking up at 4am to feed and play??? I don’t mind the feeding session but I wish he will go back to sleep instead of kicking and cooing and giggling.

5.       Healthy living

I am ready to post my commitment here. I have quite a few lbs to loose postpartum. My confession includes my love for carbs and sweets. Bad, bad, bad. It’s time to be serious about working out and
eating conscientiously which I have put on hold. First, because I just ate Christmas sweets and desserts, second, because of my last busy inpatient month as a resident doctor, then these past two weeks: I have been watching primetime Olympic coverage. I know… not enough reason to not take care of myself. It’s not just about the pre-pregnancy clothes (which I miss, don’t get me wrong) but
also because of my family history and genes and just taking care of one’s self period.

So, here’s to committing to working out!

Plan of attack:
Barre3 online videos  ~ my go-to workouts are Interval strength (40 minutes)  and Standing Energy Blast (30 minutes)
Cardio ~ Am I ready for insanity? It’s now or never!

Besides being more mindful of my sugary
intakes: Girl scout tooties (!) and ice cream, my salad in a jar will have a
comeback for lunch! Everybody needs more Veggie intake and I am one of them.
Quinoa is also in my grocery list.

I will use my Chia seeds which I bought months ago. Oops.
I also found this yummy yogurt parfait recipe that I can have for breakfast on the barre3 website.  

6.       Prayer request
My Grandma is scheduling a knee replacement surgery. Please pray for her. She is almost 80 years old. I worry about the surgery and rehab afterwards. My sister made a comment that shifted my focus: no one should live in pain. I was focused on the complications that I did not want her to undergo surgery. I pushed for the conservative treatment which she already failed (steroid injections to the knee, NSAIDs). I asked for synvisc and per her orthopedic surgeon, it won't work anymore as her knee is pretty much bone to bone (without cartilage) seen on her x-ray. 

My Mama is in pain. She is very active and still takes daily walks. I want to her to continue doing that for many more years. So yes, she needs the surgery. She has a strong will and a faithful heart. Please pray for her (and for me to stop worrying about complications!)

7.       Picture I am sharing
(on a very superficial ending) my outfit of the day. I super love this thrifted  JCrew corduroy jacket. I am wearing it again for today’s TK party.

Rest: Turtleneck sweater ~ Express //
Corduroy colored jeans ~ old navy // Boots ~ zulily (thanks Auntie Feli) //
Purse ~ Burberry

Happy Feast of St. Valentine’s!

Join Jen for more quick takes! and congrats ~ the Edel gathering is SOLD OUT!Truly impressive. 

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  1. Prayers for your grandmother!

    I've been neglecting taking care of myself since early December, so I'm right there with you in making a new commitment. Luckily, my work has a weight loss challenge going on so I also have the extra motivation of prize money.

    1. Thanks, Adri.
      Let's do this "healthy living" together! Here's to eating right, getting our heart rates up and staying motivated!


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