Five faves: purse LoVe

It's no secret that I want to make a big purchase to reward myself for finishing residency. All along I've got my eyes on a designer purse. I thought about Prada or Gucci. But my real true LoVe is Louis Vuitton.

Since it's a big purchase (prices have increased since I've been stalking the LV site! For years!), I want to be sure and happy with my choice. I also want something that's versatile and I can use almost on a daily basis. I do own a Louis already (seen here and here). I can count the times I have used it since receiving it in 2010. With my current life situation (ie using baby bags), looks like a cross body or smaller purse to carry with my big diaper bag or work bag would work much better.

Help me decide??

1. Menilmolant pm
It is a crossbody. It has a magnetic closure and flap. The pleats give it a feminine look. It's different than my other cross body purses.

I saw this at saks... I thought it was the one for the longest time until I let myself look at the Epi Leather collection (see #3).

2. Sologne
Another shoulder/cross body bag. Again, different than my other cross body bags. Still available in the LV monogram.

But I found out it is a buckle closure. That will be a hassle. I have to remember I want to use this bag even when I am with my three children. I want to make the purchase worth it!

3. Alma BB
Oh the Epi Leather collection. I thought it will be beyond my reach kind of like a Hermes bag. but when I looked at the price, it's only $150 more than the menilmolant which I had my heart set on for weeks.

I kept going back and forth getting another monogram canvas versus the epi leather. Since I already have the montorguiel in the monogram canvas, why not this sophisticated, classic purse? in EPI leather! It comes in *fuschia.... and it does not have the LV broadcasted a mile away!

*I have to see the fuschia color in person. I like pink but I want it to work for most of my outfits. Too bad it does not come in cognac. That would be perfect!*

4. Speedy Bandouliere 25 or 30
Everyone has to have a speedy! or a bowler bag! And I do have one (see here in Burberry). If I am getting a speedy, I think it will be in Damier Ebene canvas. Right now, the first three are the top contenders.... but speedy will always be close to my heart. And it can come with a shoulder strap!

So if I don't find a color in epi leather that I like, speedy will definitely be in the running! The size 25 will be enough room for a smaller purse when carried with my baby bag or work bag.

5. Neverfull MM
Another iconic LV style. This fave really does not qualify for my criteria of a cross body (duh!) but it is roomy enough for my every day things (still not allowed to have sippy cups in there!). I love the Damier Ebene canvas again.... And the inside is bright red. So pretty!

So what do you think? Any picks?

Right now, #3 is winning. I still have to see it in person, inspect it, carry it. We will see if it's a match made in heaven.

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    1. I'm on the lookout for a new bag, too, although my pricepoint is lower and I need something bigger. I like #3 myself, but get whatever you'll enjoy most. You've certainly earned it!!

      1. #3 winning! I am with you regarding the leather.... the soft, supple leather...
        once you find your purse, post it! I'd love to see it!


    Thank you for your comments!

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