7 quick takes ~~ and a new baby!

Happy Friday y'all!

Joining Jen for my weekly quick takes.

1. National Wear Red Day
Let's raise awareness to the #1 killer in women: heart disease. I wore the same outfit here. I love the red stripes.

2. When will the snow end? Even my 4 year old who loves the snow, complained this morning? "It's freezing. I don't want it cold anymore."
Me too, buddy.
Me too.

3. #SochiOlympics
Who is tuning in for the opening ceremonies tonight?

4. date-who
My little date totally ignored me during our pad thai dinner. blame blame spike TV. yep, spike tv showing Jail and cops episodes while my 4 year old and I dined.

^^pad Thai bigger than his face. And my Tom yum soup ~ also enlarged. Yikes.^^
Of course, he's watching tv instead of looking at his date! Hmmph!

other note: check out his hair cut.

5. first week
this was my first week as a non-resident. I am doing academic work until my credentialing is completed. I am also trying to be "efficient" and prepare a lecture and prepare for boards. I am thinking Family feud style.

6. what I am cooking?
I have missed quite a few saints and meals posts.
Sharing what I prepared for family this week:
Creamy chicken cajun pasta
pork menudo
italian wedding soup (thanks sister!) ~ I made the meatballs smaller than asked for in the recipe. They're only about 1/2 inch in diameter. I also added angel hair pasta.
salmon ~ baked the usual way. The only way my picky children will eat this fish.
Kung pao chicken ~ skipped the peanuts, kids don't like them and I don't have any in my pantry.

7. I introduce you the new baby in the family!
She is born 2/5 at 12:56am.
I am counting the days till I get to see her! kisses over the internet for now will do.

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That's all, folks!
Good night!

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