Olympics inspired

Let's take a teensy weensy quick break. Let me tell you about my day.

It's bone-chilling cold here in Indy. My pjs, long sleeve top with zip hoodie underneath the flannel sheets with comforter ~~ still not enough to keep me warm at 3am. yikes.
But before the arctic vortex arrived in Indy, I was able to shoot a few pictures (well, my husband did) of my Olympics inspired outfit. I was pre-spring cleaning this weekend and found this old, old TH sweater. Does it not look so patriotic with the red, white and blue? I cannot believe i wore this top (mid-riff almost) ~10 years ago. I had to cover my pooch of a belly with a long tank.

Sweater ~ TH //old
Scarf ~ Kohls //also old
Boy friend jeans ~ F21
Purse ~ Burberry
Boots ~ Hunter // ebay

To say that I love being a part-timer is an understatement. I love the time I am at home, changing diapers, not thinking like a doctor. I also love being away from the household chores and using my neurons to expand my differential diagnoses.

A few random pictures:

^^Makeshift mound for sledding -- one of its kind in the middle of the city. Not my idea.
They felt left behind from all the Olympics hoopla.

^^Let's cry some more

Leaving you with this promise of spring I found on my IG feed this morning. Beautiful, feminine, pastel colors.

Happy feast of Our lady of Lourdes.

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