All about Daniel vol 3

{series previously titled you know you have a preschooler when...}

Lil D: look mummy, I'm shooting you with the pepper gun.

Kids already in pjs, Derrick just got out of the shower.
Daniel: mummy didn't change. When is she going to get a bath?
Me: silent
Derrick: mummy gets a bath in the morning. She will change to her pjs soon
Me: thinking: do I stink? Or my kid is just observant?

Isabel is sleeping. Thanks to Derrick.
Daniel in bed, trying to fall asleep. Thanks to Derrick who read him a book.
Me: Daniel go to bed now, so daddy can put the baby to sleep. (Referring to D3 in utero)
Daniel: baby is in the tummy.....
Me: thinking: so?
Nothing gets away with Mr. Observant here

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