Pentecost Sunday {wiws edition}

These are the best pictures we could get, since:
1. we have a crying, hungry, sleepy child
2. I need to be dropped off at the NeuroSci center so I can work on my research in peace

pict one: I have 4 legs, photobombed by my Isabel
pict two: "look up Isabel" says her dad. "I refused to do it, daddy! I AM TIRED!" her gaze says it all.
pict three: Daniel, will you take a pict of mummy?

OOTD details:
Nonmaternity dress: H&M
Necklace and earring set: via Zulily
Belt: Old Navy
Wedges: Coconuts - Hepburn style in Leopard

Unfortunately, as soon as I got to the neurosci center I splattered my lunch on my dress! nooooooo! The plan was to pick me up right before the 5:30p Mass. There won't be any time to change. If today is not a Sunday, I would have worn tights or jeans to work. Who dresses up to work on their research project? Some, but NOT ME.

It's amazing how plans change anyway.
I wanted the family to go to 10:30a Mass so after lunch I can just work on my project for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
It did not play out that way.

I got out of bed late and I wanted to work out. {I ate a lot of junk yesterday at the track/speedway}
The 5:30p Mass is somehow written in our blood now. No big deal, just a shift in the way I would work on my "to-do's" today.

I gave up my nap today so I could work on my project. And to successfully to do that, I'd have to leave the house. Or else, I'd be napping with those babies! Won't it be an awesome treat anyway? Go to Mass, drink boba (our Sunday tradition) and have the rest of the evening to play with my babies? Lucky me, I actually got to play with them this morning. So NO complaints here.

Sharing this Sunday's message by Fr. Roberts.
And I apologize about the link, the new bulletin is uploaded every week. So if you go to my old wiws posts and I mentioned a specific thing from Fr. Roberts' message, it won't be there. The updated Sunday's sermon is uploaded in its place. Sorry.

Hope you have a great Sunday and didn't have to go to work like me. Well this is no really work-work. I'm just sitting on a desk, staring at a computer. Hence the boredom and need to break to blog.

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  1. So cute! I esp. love those wedges. And 5:30 has been the mass we go to a lot lately. :)


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