Asian Fest + downtown Indy

1. Inside the Indiana state museum
2. We heart choo choos
3. Asian fest background - see the guys in stilts?
4. Oh I love that blue JW building. That's cos I'm a colts fan!
5. Cloudy day, Indy skyline at the background

We've never been to the Asian fest..... Ever. Heard from a coworker that the feature country is the Philippines this year. And that I have to expose my kids to their heritage and culture.

You see, our folks were not active in the barangay club (Filipino club) here in Indy. So it was a miracle and God's plan (truly!) that I still found my husband and married a Filipino.

We have Asian friends. But they're Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesians. I did not have a Filipino friend except for Derrick. So you see it was meant to be.

Isabel ate pancit -- Chinese inspired stir fried noodles.
Derrick and I ate pork kabobs -- pork BBQ.
Daniel ate nothing. He played at the bounce house Ronald McDonald area. RMcD is not an Asian icon but still big in Asian countries! Here's an extra trivia for you: in the Philippines, rice is served with value menus in the Philippines.
Rice with fried chicken (not just nuggets)
Rice with Salisbury steak (not really a Filipino dish - just a Filipino-ized American dish)
Rice, rice, rice

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