7 quick takes vol 30

Found this post that I shared with hubs regarding keeping kids in Mass.

I have been unhappy with how  I am dealing with my kids in Church. I should not blame hubs for MOST of these because I started ALL of them.
Daniel was an "easy baby" as evident by my posts and gushing over him.
Isabel is a different story. I went on blog break, endured post-partum depression, plainly GAVE up on a lot of mothering things and now it's pay back.
She is a very active toddler. When Daniel was her age, he was content just sitting on momma's lap or singing. Ms baby #2 is Ms. Independent. She wants to be let loose!
So what did I do?
I gave in and offered cheerios and/or goldfish crackers. I thought what's the harm some parents do it in the sanctuary.
And suddenly I realized the books and soft toys were "out of the diaper bag" and transitioned instead to snacking during Mass.
My recent addition was dried Mango.... And last week, hubs brought a banana for Ms. Belle. oh my, I felt embarrassed when she ate that at Mass. (and we are those families sitting in front: our pew is pew #5!)

So anyway, I saw this post on catholicMom.com and felt that it was a nudge from God saying I should change my habits NOW, change how I deal with my kids in Church.

Update on my poster:
At 11:25a, I turned in my poster to the visual arts media specialist! Yay!
Out of sight till I present my work in June.......... I will not linger much on that thought to avoid an anxiety spell.

3. What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?
I'm actually on home call this weekend, so there won't be any hard partying or out of town plans.
But this weekend is hopping in Indy!
Sat: Indy 500 parade
Sun: The Greatest Spectacle in Racing: Indy 500; Pacers vs. Heat
And sometime during the weekend, ill have my pre-vacation pedicure appointment.

4. I may be "working" this weekend but I do have a reward come Monday. Since clinics are closed, I'm also off.
My family grills out on Memorial Day. My mom makes her famous Filipino style pork kabobs. Her secret recipe includes Mountain Dew!

5. I am so proud of our Indiana Pacers! "They could have stolen Game 1 from the Heat." per Mr. D. paul George threw an amazing 32-foot 3-point jumper with 0.08 secs left which pushed Game 1 to OT. That was an intense game. Derrick listened to it on the ESPNradio, while I kept refreshing my ESPN site on my iPhone. (we don't have cable/espn/tnt). The game ended late and I was already entering Stage 2 sleep when Derrick told me the pacers lost....
Game 2 tonight in Miami!
Indy, Go beat the HEAT!

6. What I Wore Thursday
You can even barely tell I am preggers here. I am still working on my looking-down pose. I love dressing up for clinic -- especially my own continuity clinic where I see patients of MY OWN. (meaning not following a staff neurologist, seeing their patients, etc). I still have to "staff" my patients. Staff here is used as a verb, meaning to run the history/physical exam and plan with the staff.

Outfit Deets:
Top: old nonmaternity from Banana Republic. I wore this top at 38 weeks pregnant with Daniel. That's how TINY I was then.
Cami: Old Navy
Skinny pink cords: nonmaternity from Old Navy
Peep Toe wedges: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

This is taken by Daniel. He says he cannot take a full body pict and show my shoes because I have long legs! Well, thank you son! Thank you for making me feel tall. Ish.
This pict would have worked out but it's dark.

7. My cuties enjoying a splash day.

Join Jen for more!

Happy Friday y'all!

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