Kung hei fat choi (wiws vol 12)

Happy happy Sunday to one and all!

It's getting warmer here in the Midwest. No touch of the blizzard.
We are gonna hit the 50-degree mark today. And I'm rejoicing. Finally the winter cold is slowly. Coming. To. An. End. Yippee!

It was a pampering weekend for the momma of the house. Mani-pedi, bang trim and wax. I'm all done up for my trip!

And it's also the Chinese New Year! The year of the water snake. A lot of Chinese migrated to the Philippines. I have some Chinese blood in me. My hubs is 1/4 Chinese.

We don't really practice feng shui. Or any other Chinese traditions. Except eat Chinese food!

To celebrate, we went to mandarin house today. I love their Sunday spread. Shrimp, crab etc!!!!

Of course the non-seafood members of my family ate sweet and sour chicken, beef and broccoli, lo mein, sesame seed balls and tons of honeydew and cantaloupe!

Boyfriend Cardi: vs moda international
Top: express (hidden)

Skinny cords: old navy {wow major markdown now}
Pumps: Calvin Klein from Nordstrom rack

Baby girl:
Dress: First impressions, gift
Cardi: united colors of Benetton, gift
Tights: target
Boots: target

My travel buddy:
Jacket: Columbia

My boy: photographer.

I enjoy linking up with the ladies of finelinenandpurple -- join us, show us what you wore today for Jesus!


  1. mmm- Chinese food sounds so good! Those pumps are amazing, and I love how you paired them w/ the white pants!

  2. Anonymous2/10/2013

    Hi Sarah Isis, I'm reading your blog for the first time. You and your husband were married the exact day that my husband and I were! And I think our kids are around the same ages. I am sooo impressed at what you do as a dr. I've tried working since having kids but, whew! not full time. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and nice to "meet" you. ;-)

  3. must.have.the.shoes

    LOVE them!

  4. Sarah, your babies are so adorable! I love the shade of your cords--they're such a nice, wintry white!

  5. Cute shoes! And the white cords look great.


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