Buh-bye paradise (wiws vol 13)

Happy first Sunday of Lent.

What a week...... Today's our last day in 70-80 degree weather. In less than 12 hours ill be in cold Indiana; but hugging my babies.

This is what I wore Sunday.

Dress: mossimo target
Wrap/scarf/cover-up: nizuc shop here at the resort. (Perfect for the windy chilly nights)

We got the wrong information.

We got to the chapel at 9a and the priest was already putting away the Purple linens, chalice etc.

Mass actually started at 8a.

We missed Mass.......

But we received the second best thing: a blessing for a safe trip home. Blessing for peace and happiness to our families.

Mass readings for today
Lucky me Fr. Guy posts his homily online.
I can read it on the plane..... Or out here in the sun, while waiting for our shuttle.

My hubs and his best friend (his best man at our wedding and Isabel's godfather) Derrick and I met because of him.

God's Angels guard and keep you
All the way that you must travel
Till earth's days are past
When blossoms fade and
Time is fleeting fast
In times of purest joy
Or pain and fear
God's Angels guard
And keep you safe.


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  1. Love the dress. So sorry about Mass. Have a wonderful flight home and enjoy being with your little ones.

  2. Wow, that looks like paradise! I'm sure you'll be happy to be home though!


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