7 quick takes vol 18

Happy first Friday of Lent. What did you give up these 40 days?
I gave up cookies.

But I feel like I have to do more. It's always my usual go-to give up to stay away from cookies.
My hubby gave up candy (his usual) AND ice cream. Way to go my man! We are ice cream lovers in the Delima household. He will have to witness our ice cream licking almost daily at home.

Jen has a nice list. (I'm eyeing the 'wear a chapel veil to Mass)

My holy saint-in-the-making husband (who won't like this one bit, as elevate him to blessedness) fasted the old-fashioned (pre-Vatican II fasting) last Ash Wednesday. No snacks at all. Only water. Until dinner time where we went to the hibachi/teppanyaki grill at the resort.
I couldn't do that.... He has a will of a saint. Fasting at an all inclusive resort where I ate my 2 snacks and 1 meal.

St. Valentines Day
In pictures:

Blue blue sky.

Pampering time.

Vino time.
Syrah from EspaƱa

Join me and 38,000 others as we pray a novena for Pope Benedict XVI. Sign up before February 19th. Lets pray together on his last 9 days as pope.
Our goal is 50,000 or more people praying.
Sign up here. Let's give the Pope the best gift -- prayer for a peaceful retirement.

We are blessed with such great weather here in MX.
We celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass outside. It got blazing hottttttt though.

First timers:
Lucky Derrick. He got to swim with the dolphins. He deserves it. He brought me to this trip. He has been a saint.

As for me:
I ate octopus!!!

Video I'm sharing.
For my lil guy in the states. He would have loved this.
Missing u babies.

YouTube Video

Join Jen and folks for more 7QT.

Hasta luego!


  1. A whole set of smiles. Enjoy it!

  2. My sister got her bf this hibachi grill for his grill and other tools to make Japanese food. He even figured out how to make the volcano. It was awesome! I LOVE LOVE Japanese food!!


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