7 quick takes vol 19

This week went by fast.
And I'm not complaining. It was a short workweek as I came back to work on Tuesday.
So helllooooooo Friday!

Sweet reunion

Family night... Any ideas where?
My hubs {who is a typical American} was craving some burgers.
I haven't been this home of the whopper in >10 years. Only reason I obliged was the free face painting and balloon animals for the kids.

Guess what's my favorite chocolate ever:

Need more clues?

Are u sure?

Thanks duty free....

Book I'm reading

I finished my hidden wives book halfway through my cancun trip. I had to find another book fast! I gave in to another young adult series. Movie is out now... Will I watch it? Maybe when it comes out to DVD.
So far so good with book nĂºmero UNO.

what I'm waiting for on the big screen is this:

My fave book of the HG series.

A treat for our son: to watch the Indiana pacers play tonight.
Ever since Derrick took him to his first b-ball game, Daniel has been asking when he's going Again. We went to the Disney on ice at the field house and he thought we were gonna see the pacers instead. (Good memory,child)

Are you praying with us?

Novena for the Holy Father

Sign up here.

Happy friday to all.... Visit Jen for more 7qt.
Thanks for hosting.... Minor revisions episodes online now!

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  1. I'm looking to the second Hunger Games movie, too, mostly because I've become obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence! So much talent. Have a good weekend, Sarah!


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