7 quick takes Vol 3

1. Summer heat. Indy is experiencing record breaking highs -- 102-104F!

2. Countdown begins. 4 more months of in-hospital call. I don't bounce back as easily post-call. Even though in-hospital calls are spread every 6-8 days, I cannot quite get back to my baseline easily. I need sleep...

3. Crazy for designer purses. So addicted "dreaming" of owning a Gucci, Prada or Chanel purse. Decisions, decisions on how I will spend (or waste?) my first paycheck as a "real" doctor. A good friend of mine who has great taste and who is Italian says I should get a Gucci or Prada splurge purse. But I also dream of owning a Chanel purse.... I still have months (and years) of residency left before I even make enough money to pay my loans!

4. NFP:  I have been following Kayla (@alluringworld) and Katie (@nfpandme) on twitter. The conversations have been infornative and interesting. check twitter #iusenfp  their website http://www.iusenfp.com/ is still in the works.

5. NFP buttons: check out these buttons Katie made. Sharing my faves!


showed this button to Derrick >> he loved it. Thought it was funny.
6. Zumba: check out pics of my dance workout partner.

7. Fellowship: Asking for prayers as I decide the next step in my career. Hubby has been such good support. "Do whatever would help your career" (isn't he amazing?).  wait for a future post for details of fellowship.

check out Conversiondiary for more 7 quick takes!


  1. Thank you for the shout out!! :D

    Glad you like the buttons!

  2. Hi Sarah! Wow, thanks so much for linking to us! We're glad you like the buttons, the chart one is my favorite. :)


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