(Love is like a) Heat wave

Hubby and I were invited to a college friend's wedding (Derrick's HS friend actually). We partied and partied and partied! You could say we haven't been out in awhile so we enjoyed our time out. Look where we danced the night away -- 72nd floor! Felt like the top of the world. Nice view huh?

Beautiful! Neil, Ly and her baby bump

Vivian and Xiao
see, how could we get so lucky? our table was next to the dancefloor! The bride and groom must have done this on purpose. Our group does love to dance (I am sparing you the wild blurry pictures taken from the dance floor)

Ken and Linda
 The specialty drinks from the bar were strong! These two  made their own concoction of sweet fruity drink and named it LindaKen. It has pineapple juice, orange juice and rum? gin? I forgot.... It was a pretty light pink color.

Ken, Hubby, Xiao, Keng, Neil
 Xiao was wearing his mandarin collar suit. He looks like a priest!

Beautiful ladies!
 Finally the bride shows up on our pictures!

 Okay, one more shot of the ladies!

Shout out to my mother and natedogg for coming with us to Mo-town and watching the babies while we danced the night away.

Hubby gave me the title to this post -- he loves Motown music and it was a hooottt weekend.

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