7 Quick Takes Vol 5

My quick takes entry is a day early this week. Because Friday is a big day!!!

1. My firstborn is turning three years old this Friday! Didn't I just deliver my firstborn? Didn't I just leave the hospital on a wheelchair, with the Carseat on my lap and my newborn inside? Wasn't I just staring at his little newborn body and kissing his tiny fingers?

Oh my time flies. Now my newborn is a smart, amazing 3 year old!!! Who is potty trained! (thank u m&m's! We used them as rewards)

2. Ears pierced. If you're following me on twitter, you've seen pix of my little girl getting her ears pierced last weekend. I was as traumatized as she was (well more for her for sure!) I was worried about post piercing problems. "Gotta keep the lobes clean!"  "Infections stay away." In the end, I gave in. I held her and she cried like she was getting shots. Gladly she was easily consoled. And now, I gotta admit: Isabel does look cute with her gold bling!!!

3. Pals. This week I renewed my pals. Pediatric advanced life support Certification. There's a video during the course that really touched my heart, made me cry. Giving bad news..... worst part of my job.

4. Spiderman present. I still have to stop by the store to get my little boy a spidey present. Derrick wants to get a spiderman action figure. I want to give Daniel either a spiderman mask +/- spidey gloves. Maybe get him all 3?

5. Foursquare. Who is addicted to this app? I am! I have had 10-15% off deals by checking in a few places.

6. Ear lobes. I have to ask a geneticist about ear lobes. I do faintly remember in Elem Bio class that there is a trait/pattern for attached vs. free earlobes.  My mom has attached ear lobes. My sister has attached ear lobes. I, on the other hand, do not -- meaning I have detached or free ear lobes. So I started inspecting other people's ears. My son has free ear lobes like me. My husband's ears are interesting: he has one attached and one free ear lobe.  So guess what Belle has. She has one attached and one free ear lobe like her daddy!!!

To illustrate with a pedigree: attached, free, one attached and one free

Mom-------Dad (I have to ask my dad: my hypothesis is that he will have free ear lobes like me)
      |             |
     Lady       Isis ----------- Derrick
                         |                 |
                      Daniel          Isabel

7. Book I'm reading. I'm 1/3 done with Gone Girl. Nice to find a summer thriller.

Happy birthday to my handsome boy tomorrow. Will post something special for him!

Check conversiondiary for more quick takes!

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