Soldier for Christ

Today we celebrate the feastday of St. Ignatius Loyola -- founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and  a soldier for Christ and the Catholic Faith. He is one of my favorite theologians and saints.

Here's a beautiful prayer from today's Living with Christ.

O God, I dedicate this new day to you;
as I go about my work.
I ask you to bless those
with whom I come in contact.
Lord, I pray for all men and women
who work to earn their living;
give them satisfaction in what they do.
Spirit of God,
comfort the unemployed and their families;
they are your children and my brothers and sisters.
I ask you to help them find work soon. Amen.
St. Ignatius of Loyola

My prayer today: Dear Heavenly Father, may I be like St. Ignatius -- humble and obedient. May I be filled with desire to grow in my faith and in my vocation. May I be a fighter for Christ. Amen.

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