7 quick takes Vol 4

1. Mo-town: we had a fun time in Detroit this past weekend. (the drive was not the best part since baby belle cried and cried and we had to stop quite a bit) The wedding of a college friend and seeing the gang were definitely highlights. See pix here.

2. Baby Belle is teething. She has her first two bottom teeth show up. You can't see them on the picture below but just want to share it because she's so cute in pink and purple!

3.The Gist: While I was on maternity leave this past winter, I found the show: The Gist on CatholicTV.  They just filmed the second season of the show. I can't wait for the episodes. We don't have cable so I'll be watching them online. Check it out: good show for catholic moms talking about faith, life, marriage, children etc.

4. Park: I took the kids to the park Monday afternoon. I felt like I was a stay at home mom: going to the playground during the week instead of the weekend.....

5. Iced Tea: oh my, McDonald's iced tea can keep you up! I should listen to my own spill of "stop drinking iced tea bec of the caffeine in it" that I give to my headache patients. I am awake on call las t night when all I want to do was rest (before I get paged again!) Was it the caffeine or the sugar high? (I already made it half sweetened/half unsweetened). McD's is the only place open in the hospital overnight. I got myself a mighty kids meal last night just so I could get a boy toy for Daniel.

6. Jesus' name: We went to Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul church in Downtown Detroit. Jesus' name is inscribed in different languages throughout the church ceiling -- beautiful!

If you click on the image, maybe you'll be able to make out Jesus' name below the apostles.

7. Photobooth: At the wedding, the couple rented a photobooth! it was a hit! Derrick and I stopped by multiple times to get our pix taken. Props were inspired by our son, Daniel who loves spiderman. Actually he wants to be spiderman when he grows up!

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