Daniel's Five Favorite Books

These are Daniel's fave books in general not just for bedtime stories (in response to Stephanie's blog post)

1. Digging machines by Weldon Owen - thanks to Lolo and Lola for getting this book. Daniel is mesmerized by these powerful machines! I learn with him too. Now I know about front-end loaders, skid-steer loader, mini digger, back hoes.

2. Whales - being 3 yo, Daniel loves animals and learning all about them. He has read this book many times that he knows what's coming on the next page.

3. Thomas Pop up book with sounds - a little stimulating for bedtime stories because of the sounds. But Daniel loves the pop up features.

4. Humphrey, the lost whale by Wendy Tokuda - a great story of a lost humpback whale that swam inland to the San Francisco bay.

5. Dinosaur encyclopedia - we never really read this cover to cover. Because we can't. Daniel mainly asked for: maisaura, Troodon and T-Rex pages. Of course instead of mellowing down, we have 5 minutes of roaring.

Check out Stephanie's Friday faves on bedtime stories for her little boys. Would definitely look for those books she listed!

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