Lucas @ 9 mos

1. Stats
weight 19 lbs 8 oz

2. Pulling up to stand
I predicted that he will be pulling up to stand  on my last Lucas blog post. He just started doing just that this week!

He even made it up the first step of the stair! whoa!
Do not underestimate his monkey scoot. He is fast.

3. See that bald spot on the second photo above?
He is mobile and up and about. Usually when my other children were at this point, they loose their bald spot. Just not Lucas. I don't even have a photo of the other children's bald spot. Glad I took this one of Lucas. Something to remember, eh?

4. Fave foods
He still nurses pretty much every 3-4 hours (even at night! I know... I know...)
He also likes solids. He eats yogurt, dumplings, rice.  We went to our fave ramen place (thanks sissy and Hery for the recommendation) this week. We ordered the takoyaki and gyoza. Lucas ate an entire dumpling on his own.

5. Red cheeks
Eczema affects all my children, more so when they are infants. Lucas' cheeks are so red and dry because he rubs his cheeks on the bed and our chest or shoulders. I put aquaphor or vaseline but a few minutes later, it's all rubbed off. He rubs off the skin protectant. I hope the warmer weather will help heal his cheeks soon.

6. Other firsts
We received his first passport a couple of weeks ago. He is joining me and hubs to a trip coming up soon! I pray he does well on the plane. He wants crawls all over the place. I am open for ideas on how to keep a 9 month old busy.

7. Sibs
When the older children get out of school, I get pushed to the side. Lucas listens to Isabel while she reads her books. He follows his siblings all over the house. If he can chase them, he will do it. I have an inkling, he will run after them pretty soon. Am I ready for that??? Not really.

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