Lucas @10 mos

Before I sign off until Easter Sunday, let me post 7 quick takes about Lucas. Linking up as usual with Kelly.

1. This boy loves to eat!
He eats everything now. He had his first taste of gelato on our trip to Lima. He eats chicken. He had the rice of the arroz con mariscos dish. We did not give him shellfish or shrimp or fish but rice had some seafood juice and he did fine (thankfully!)

He likes finger foods - hello cheerios and goldfish.

2. He had his first international trip!
And it's in South America.

We took Daniel to Aruba. But Lucas made it  south of the equator.
His older sibs, Lucy and Bastian still have him beat by mileage since they went to the Philippines last year. But Lucas holds the crown for going south of the equator!

(Isabel, I hope you won't read this in the future... Because you're the only one who has not been outside of the country yet.... your time will come. I did not leave the Philippines for my first plane ride until I was 11 years old. You will have me beat for sure.)

3. such a flirt.
Being away from his siblings for seven days made him crave for attention. Hubs and I were not enough for him. When we were at the park or church or restaurant, he stared at the ladies and waited and waited until he is recognized. He then gave them the cheesiest, most handsome Lucas smile ever!

4. Rosy cheeks
His eczema flared up during our Lima trip. I was hoping the change in temperature will help. But it was the opposite. Our pediatrician thinks that certain foods he's tried made the eczema worse. Not to mention the heat and humidity and sweat.

5. Milestones
Pulling up to stand is a common activity. He is cruising. He even stood without assistance for 2 seconds! He has an early immature pincer grasp right now. Not raking anymore though.

6. If you're happy and you know it...
His favorite song.

7.   Teething
He has three upper's coming in. All this during our trip to Lima!

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