colts blue is speed blue

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vest, exact one
turtleneck, I sized up so it's loose
skinnies, Levi's, exact ones
sorel Joan of Arctic

We did not get more snow here in Indy. This was from last month but haven't had the chance to post them.

When I saw the announcement that Vinatieri signed another  year (actually it was hubs who told me of the good news and then I checked instagram), I knew I had to post this beautiful colts blue top to remember yet another year with the GOAT.

You will see lots of pink outfits here on this blog.
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2 ~ I haven't worn these very, very ripped jeans. I hope I can button them  because spring is coming!
Exhibit 3

I cringe looking at all the old photos here on my blog. I look so orange!

But I also have lots of blue. Thanks to Colts blue... or apparently the correct color is Speed Blue.  I learn something new everyday.
Exhibit 4
Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6

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