dst + laetere sunday

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sweater, the Gap, similar here
faux suede skirt, DCB, similar
LV bucket bag, similar here in gold and here in pink
dansko, marcelle
watch, MK

on Lucas
cardi, carter's c/o JCP
jeans, oldie, from Daniel

It's a love-hate relationship with DST.
- 1 less hour of call this weekend, because I worked
- sunset is now close to 8p

- It's dark again the morning. I'd rather stay in bed next to my heated blanket (aka hubs) than get up to work out. So I hate DST because it's messing up my working out mojo.
- Amazing enough, the older kids are fine. But Lucas is not himself. It's maybe teething and not necessarily DST effects.
- It takes me a whole week to get used to the change. I may be exaggerating.

Changing topics here ~
I did not even realize that I dressed up liturgically with my pink faux suede skirt (and bucket bag and earrings) until I saw our priest enter with his rose-colored chasuble. Can you tell I am not in the Lenten mode this weekend?  May I blame working all weekend and lack of sleep?

I got these earrings from a local business salon. The owner makes these beautiful ornaments and earrings and necklaces. {not sponsored! just sharing what i like!}

Happy match week to all 4th year medical student doctors!
I love seeing the announcements on instagram. How times have changed.  I did not have an iPhone then. I had to log in on the computer and look for my match letter. hashtag: we did not have an app for that.

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