it's all about expectations

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I am twinning with a cool mom with this plaid tunic. She is expecting her 6th baby. After five beautiful girls, she is having her first boy!

I posted a two-parter post for what a weekend call looks like. It's all about expectations.
When I took "in-house" calls, I expected that I would be up until 4a or so. Sometimes I already prepared myself that I would not see the call-room. So when I had the chance to brush my teeth and wash my face and snooze for 30 minutes - that was a winning call night for me.

When I was a resident, I covered two hospitals -- the county hospital (a busy hospital) and the children's hospital (another busy hospital).  It was called the "dark side" for the reason that calls are busy. period.

Same goes for my days home with the children. I set the bar real, real LOW. yep, that's my secret. As long as the children were fed and changed and I was out of my pjs ~ that's a winning day for me. I also expect that dinner will have to be reheated (sorry hubs). Because I start the prep right after my morning coffee and after the morning feeding. That's my chance to get stuff done. Everybody is fed including the baby.  If I sweep the floor, that's above and beyond. If I get to blog ~ wow, what a treat! The children's nap schedules are not the same. The older two may be napping but the baby is awake. The baby is napping but then it's homework time with the school-aged kids.

So what got me to talking about expectations?
I expected that I would be working all morning at the hospital on Sunday. But I ended up receiving a treat! I read EEGs at home. I ate breakfast at home (thanks hubs!) I even got to curl my hair because I did not have to rush out the door. Who does that on call?

It's all about expectations.  When I get the unexpected treats, it definitely feels like Christmas morning.

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  1. Love that gingham tunic! One of my favorite prints :)

    Low expectations are key here too - I don't know how I'd get anything done otherwise!!

    1. Haha. I called it plaid.. should be gingham! yes!


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