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Lucas, Bastian and I tagged along to the scouts' tour of the famous house of the American and Hoosier Poet James Whitcomb Riley. Riley was known for his famous poems, Raggedy Man and Little Orphan Annie.

I  have heard of Lockerbie Square but have never seen its cobblestone streets. It's just east of downtown Indy. On photos above, you can actually see the Indy skyline. As soon as I saw the cobblestone, I knew my outfit photos will have to showcase it.

Riley's house is a well-maintained museum. The scouts learned about gas-chandeliers, the marble stone of the second floor bathroom, the Italian artisans who painted the walls and ceilings, the kitchen sink with three faucets. I learned about the hoosier style cabinet made in New Castle, Indiana.  It's great to see the 19th century "intercom system" of soundpipes (or voicetubes).

The older boys listened attentively. Even Lucas was well-behaved. The sling was an arm-saver. I am carrying a 19-pounder baby after all.

If you're ever in Indy, stop by after having a delicious lunch at Mass Ave and head on over to lockerbie street and tour Riley's home.

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