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I usually give up cookies for Lent. It's my default.
However, this time, I am giving up something that is a coping mechanism that is not healthy...

 See, I have a family history of diabetes... Here I am with my love for ice cream. I am not 26 years old anymore. I cannot eat ice cream everyday. Hilarious (or not), I did not even eat ice cream everyday when I was 26 years old. Fast-forward, five children later,  my self-control was nonexistent when it comes to ice cream. My self control was so much better when I was 26 years old.

Ice cream or shakes usually come into play when:
Tough day with whining kids - ice cream tonight.
Full day at the hospital with notes to finish at 10p - ice cream tonight.
I just want to hang out with Derrick - ice cream tonight.
We are on vacation - ice cream tonight.
It's happy hour shakes -- why not?!

You see the trend. you know what I mean. I come up with random excuses to have ice cream.

I want to replace this coping mechanism to something helpful. Something that will be beneficial for my health and since it's also Lent, something worthwhile for my soul.

Instead of sitting with a bowl of ice cream at 1030pm when the house is quiet ~
I want to read Scripture.

Last year, I was inspired by Stephanie to read a chapter a day of Scripture. Because a chapter a day adds up. It's doable. Then eventually a chapter or two becomes an entire book. I was so proud of myself for having finished Romans and the Gospel of Mark by practicing this "chapter a day."

However, I just fell off the habit. My mind is longing for  stillness. My heart is wanting more after a long day.  I try to replace what I have fallen out of practice to something like food. Is that really appropriate?

The willpower is difficult right now to say no to ice-cream. I am hoping that giving it up and wrapping it around the strong hand of God, that I will actually succeed and get over this unhealthy relationship with ice cream. I may not have diabetes right now but it will sneak up on me because of that unhealthy coping mechanism.

How about you? What are your Lenten plans?
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