sunday best in black...

top, DCB
skinnies - nordstrom, Topshop, exact ones.  I love these tons ~ I want another pair.
chanel mini - pre loved
manolo's, bought on sale

This was last week's Sunday Best.
Seeing my hair here makes me want to cry. The voluminous hair of pregnancy is gone. My hair is all ratty and thin.  But who am I to complain? At least I am not bald like my 4-month old :)

We arrived in church plenty of time (high fives!) so I asked for my photos then and there.  I was nervous because we just had a party for Bastian that day. I was worried my children will be sleepy, whiny or rowdy.

I was wrong!
Derrick nor I did not have to bring ANY child at the back of the church. Nobody took a bathroom break during homily or during the Eucharistic prayer.

Sometimes we just have to expect the worst and then hopefully God will have mercy on us mere parents and give us a break???

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  1. Ugh my least favorite part of the post partum hair loss is when it ends up all over the house!!! So obnoxious...


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