black is forgiving + postpartum thoughts {sqt}

Posting my seven quick takes early this week. Make sure to come back  here on Friday and see why I moved SQT midweek.

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capri leggings via nordstrom rack, exact one
old Burberry bowler bag
top, old from Urban Outfitters

1. Black is forgiving. Here I was in the middle of the summer still sporting athleisure like none other because nothing fit post baby. Black capris and a flowy white top to the rescue.

How I will miss summer ~ when I can wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops.
I am not quite ready to layer yet.

2. Getting chillier here specially in the mornings. Soccer games are in full motion.  Thanks to auntie Feli, Uncle D and Auntie Cora for getting the boys their shin guards and new cleats!
We still need to get a goal net for the boys. what do you all think of this one vs this one?  We will put the gc to good use!

3. If you follow me on twitter, I went crazy over the weekend following Irma's path. I tweeted and retweeted a lot. Just fascinating to see this massive storm from outer space. It looked beautiful from outer space but deadly and awful and ugly underneath with the strong winds and rain it brought to Florida and nearby states.

So apologies for flooding your feed. pun intended.
I am lifting up people who have lost homes and loved ones. Sending prayers...

To donate for hurricane relief via redcross, head here
Unicef also has a hurricane relief. Unicef helped the Philippines after superTyphoon (Yolanda) Haiyan.  Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest typhoon ever recorded with sustained winds up to 175-195 mph before hitting landfall in the Phils in Nov 2014.

shifting gears because that's what quick takes is all about...
4. Postpartum hair loss stinks!
Gone are the days of voluminous, thick hair. as evidence of these outfit photos taken before my hair started falling off.

I can see my gray hair sticking out. They are more noticeable because I am loosing their still-full of melanin black hair compadres.

I love my hair long but when it's getting thinner and thinner, I will have to schedule a haircut. Weird but it actually feels heavy and flat when it's thin and long. Anybody else feel that way?

or it's just me?

5.  Losing weight is hard after 5 pregnancies and on my mid-30s. The lbs just don't fall off. It takes work and motivation. Which I am both lacking right now. I was motivated after baby 4 to meal plan and eat clean. I was motivated before to exercise hard core. But this time, I am lacking both.

I am slowly getting back to meal planning. Thanks to my sister who has been so patient with my Instant pot questions.

Hubs if you're reading this ~ I know you will be rolling your eyes. Because you have been telling me to find other ways to "cope" instead of asking for sweets and treats.

6.   Update on Yoga
I am not lifting weights or doing HIIT workouts, instead I am turning into a yogi. I enjoy it. I crave for it everyday. After work, I am excited to go to my mat and practice. After a day at home with the bambinos, I still unroll my mat and practice. I am thankful everyday when I can practice because it is hard to "time it" with the feedings, homework, soccer practice and bedtime routine, along with my own studying (noon conference presentation prep, CMEs and other stuff).

By being mindful of my breathing and movements, I then become more mindful of my eating.
Honor our bodies right?

7. My baby is 4 months old!
This is not his "official" 4 month old photo shoot. I still have to capture his chubby cheeks sometime this week/weekend. Just sharing because he is sooooooo adorable!  His smile just melts my heart.

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