last summer hoorah + more quick takes

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1. My family's last summer hoorah was this past weekend.
We drove 3 hours north of Indy and went to the beach of Lake Michigan. I have lots and lots of photos but they will have to be resized. I added a few above and I still have 200+ more. Not that I will share all 200+.

The children were so excited Friday night. They were asking as soon as school was out if we can drive to the beach already.

They are definitely my children. They love the beach and the sun and the (cool) water. Isabel and Daniel practiced their glides and floats. I went to the water while watching them. It took awhile till I submerged my body to waist-deep water. I had to get those receptors used to the cold freshwater.

The waves were calm that I let the children swim. Last month, the waves were so high and rip currents were pretty scary.

SW Michigan was also a lot quieter than last month. School started to tourists from Indiana and Chicago did not flock New Buffalo. I bet Labor Day weekend is another story though.

2. Terrible Harvey
The flooding reminds me of the disasters I saw in the Philippines ~~ the amount of rain, the flooding, people evacuating. I know the feeling of having to leave one's home to go to safety. My experience was not bec of flooding (although I have had my fair share of tropical storms) but we fled and left my childhood home after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. It was scary having to leave home, only bringing things that we were able to fit in the car and feeling unsure of when it was safe to come back home.

 My little town did not get floods bec it is on higher ground and away from the river and sea. But the town center where I went to school was always flooded during the monsoon season.

 I am still praying for the city of Houston. Glad that my closest friends are all safe and did not have to leave their homes. But thousands and thousands of people are still in shelters.

 3.  I don't know how to follow that sad take.... so here's a photo to brighten  and lift our mood.

4. If you are in Indy, come and check out: kOMpose.
It's nice to practice yoga outside my house, attend a class, and not worry about falling over and landing on a preschooler or toddler. I practice yoga at home when children are sleeping but most of the time, the children join me. It's different when I go to class. I sweat a lot and not just build up heat.
I am not working out as hard as I did postpartum with Lucy. I was doing HIIT workouts 6 days a week in 2015. I cannot get motivated to go back to those hard core 30 minutes a day. I find the meditation and focusing on my breaths help calm my body and mind. Practicing yoga is a nice retreat.

 5.  outfit I am sharing
This cover up is a gift from my Lola Wenny. She's so wonderful letting us spend a couple of nights in her beautiful Palawan home. She took us to the beach and took us all around the city. Then she gave me dresses -- cute dresses and coverups!
  Cover up similar here and here
Quay sunglasses

 ^ Still blows my mind that I have an 8 year old....


6. Above, I said that these kids are MY kids...
but when Daniel showed me his ninja warrior moves on the monkey bars -- my jaw just dropped in amazement. When I was his age, I was not that athletic or brave. I was anxious and all I could think about was I'd fall and scratch my legs and get bruises all over.

7. What are your plans this weekend?
Ours involve a birthday, time at the pool, soccer games and friend meet-ups.

There's still 4 days until my decade blogversary giveaway ends. How about you try your luck and win this or this?

 Until next post! have a great Labor Day weekend!  

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