blue polka dot dress {my Sunday best}

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polka dot dress, Dottie Couture Boutique ($10 off for you!)
Gucci marmont shoulder bag
Valentino espadrilles, here in white. Not wanting to splurge? here are cute ones
Cropped top, BR
Swatch, exact one

I love Isabel's face and determination here! She runs like a girl!

Finally, Lucy, catching up...

And I was lagging behind.

Last week's tribute to the Colts. Blue and white for the horseshoe. {Though they are not doing so hot this season}.
How cute is this polka dot retro dress? Got compliments at work when I wore it again mid-week.

Today after Saturday vigil, we were taking pictures right outside the side doors of the church. A parishioner stepped out and saw me and the boys posing for pictures. He offered hubs to take *our pictures. Hubs politely said: it's ok. She's a blogger. 

The parishioner just laughed.

I know I am a blogger. But it just sounds so weird hearing it loud and clear from my husband.

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  1. Love that polka dot dress!! So so cute 😊


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