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Joining Alicia and Kelly on this beautiful Friday.

1.What are your favorite devotions?
The Rosary!  What better way to spend time with the Lord? meditate on the mysteries of  Jesus' life and passion... Then also involve his Mom. Can THE Son of God say no to his mother?

Favorite prayer growing up ~ morning offering. It's a great way to start my day.
I also grew up praying the Mother of perpetual help novena.
Blessed is she daily devotions also help me with my day.

2 and 3.   Have any of your prayers been answered? Do you have any prayers that you are glad weren’t answered the way you’d hoped?

Prayers that have been answered? -- Absolutely.
Finding a great husband and father for my kids - check!
Getting into medical school and finishing -- check!
Safe and healthy pregnancies and deliveries -- check, check!

Prayers that weren't answered the way I'd hoped????

I prayed for my ex-boyfriends to change. DUH, stupid girl. right?
That's before I knew better.
I was praying for the wrong thing...

Or having my own plans instead of God's plan. Planning helps me calm down. But my plan A is not usually the best plan. I may think of it as plan B or Z, but God's ways are not our ways.

Those unanswered prayers teach me a lot about humility, perseverance, patience and sacrifice.


4. How do you pray with your kids?
I can do better with this...
We pray in the morning on our ride to school. it's great hearing what their intentions are.
We pray with them at night.
We pray Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. But we also do spontaneous prayer so they know that they can talk to the Lord just how they talk to their friends.
I'd like to pray the psalms with them.

5. Bastian's first day

why am I so worried about him and preschool? there were no tears. He waved me bye and gave me smile. One hour later, he was ready to leave but said that he will come back again. That's a good sign.

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6.  Ballet
 I got out of ballet last night in a happy, happy mood.
My ankles and feet are achier than what I remember from 7 years ago... Balance is still the same (yay!) but my spotting is awful, awful, awful. No wonder I get dizzy when I do several pique turns.

I haven't been lifting weights recently. I see a difference on my neck and traps. less painful and tight there. I love to lift weights so what do I do now? The pain/tightness after weight lifting messes up my Ballet?

Any recommendations?
Do more stretches?
Lift weights but also do more yoga and pilates???

7.  Art Therapy

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! How clever to make your post work for both linkups. :)

    Your dress is so cheerful! Perfect for holding on to the last days of summer...

  2. What a fun combo of fashion and prayer sharing! I totally love the psalms too and had some luck doing musical versions when the kids were little--whether a simple chant tone or a song version like Eagle's Wings (=91, from Compline/Night Prayer). I still remember being sick and pregnant with #4 and was amazed when #3, age 4, sang all four verses of Eagle's Wings--with the hand motions she had made up and we used at bedtime a lot--as I lay on the couch!

  3. Thank you for joinng the JEI linkup! And that is so awesome you were able to combine your post into two linkups!

  4. Such a pretty dress and bag. Looking gorgeous in pink Sarah Isis. Love this.

    Welcome by and linkup your latest with my new Thursday Moda linkup. Thank you, Ada. 💝


  5. Thanks for joining us for JEI. I'm also a fan of Blessed is She. What a pretty outfit! Love those shoes :)


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