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My alma mater adopted the pass/fail grading system for the first year medical students who started in August.

When I was in their shoes years ago, we were graded Honor, High Pass, Pass and Fail system.
This change has been in discussion for a couple of years. Finally it's implemented.

It's interesting that the driving force to change from the H, HP and P, F system to P/F system is the wellbeing of the student doctors.


I agree with this study..

...students in schools using grading scales with three or more categories had higher levels of stress, emotional exhaustion, and depersonalization  and were more likely to have burnout  and to have seriously considered dropping out of school compared with students in schools using pass/fail grading.

I was so stressed with the grading -- just like in high school and college, no surprise there. Of course, it mattered to me if I got Honors or just  good ole regular pass.

Students above our year kept reminding us that P = MD. Do not get so stressed out with the grades, they said. of course that made sense to me. An MD is a person who passed medical school.

But that information did not change my attitude or response whether I get H or HP or P. What I got at the end of the semester mattered.... Why? Because it is there. That 4 tier system is there... if it's there, then it can be attained/not attained.



Lots of medical schools have changed from the 3 or 4-tier system to the Pass -fail system and there were no changes with the residency matching results or the Step 1 results. That's good! That meant the first and second years worked as hard whether their best effort is rewarded as a pass... compared to those of us who did our best and only got High pass instead of the honors we have been wanting to get.
Now when I talk to the medical students, I am not pacifying them when I say: Pass = MD. P = MD.
because it is the truth.



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