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This boy is a hoot. I love him!
I love his funny expressions.
----- My serious Sebastian is not so serious anymore.  
-----  Bastian started preschool. Lucy and I walk him to school. He likes it. He is familiar to this preschool because he and Lola dropped off Isabel there 2 years ago. He knew the room and the toys!
----- He has to have something in his hand, whethere that's a ball or play doh or sword or airplane. He has to bring something when we go places.

----- He is a picky eater. His diet consist of rolls and nutella in the morning (carbs). Then bread and peanut butter for lunch. I do my celebratory dance when he eats chicken or salmon for dinner!

----- as much as he likes the itouch (my old iphoe 4), he also plays with his toys.
He loves playdoh. He found my old putty from my hand surgery physical therapy. unfortunately he stained our carpet... ugh.



----- I was worried about his delay in speech... but he is a talker now. He speaks in full sentences.

----- He loves snapchat and its filters. Follow us on snapchat username: disisd.

----- I hope he feels better soon. He has had fevers for the past 2 days with his runny nose and loose stools. I get lots of cuddle time so that's a consolation prize.


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  1. Aww these pictures are so adorable. So nice to see young Sebastian growing into a fun loving boy. Thank you for sharing your life with your followers!


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