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//  F21 dresses //

exact dress, Forever21, similar
Heels, Corso Como
Louis Vuitton
Bracelet, present
silver chronograph watch, MK
Rayban aviators

I stay away from BodyCon dresses. I do not have that 25 year old body anymore. The mommy pooch shows itself even after a cup of soup. What more when I am bloated and I had a full meal? it's not pretty.
I went for the Large size on this dress so there's still leeway.
Yet it is still "tighter" than my other dresses.
I may be the only mom at the 1030 Mass who wore a body con mini dress + heels.
You could say I felt  a little out of place  (just a little) -- as other moms wore their maxi dresses or shirt dresses or jeans or flats or sandals.
But when else am I going to wear my heels?


We found this new spot for my outfit photos. It was bright and sunny at 1:30p... but with 4 children, and blogging not being my "real job"  -- who has time to wait for dusk? or whenever that prime time is for blogging photos.
Even my photographer was hesitant with the bright sunny day.
I say it's all good.
The wall has tons of other graffiti murals.
so expect to see other parts of this wall in the future.


// more aviators for that bright sunny day  //


Also, I have a prayer request ~

how do you respond to somebody who is unhappy and not having a good day?
What if his/her remarks that used to be sarcastic are just more hurtful because he/she is having a bad day...
My heart tells me to approach him/her in confidence and ask what's going on. He/she does not seem happy. It came to a point that everything I said or suggested was antagonized.

we are supposed to encourage and love one another. Isn't that what Jesus taught us?
My husband is a good example of that love.

This one love mural is for him.

photographs by my one love: @derrick49ers

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