whale sharks, traffic and walking dead {photo diary}

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Georgia aquarium Day 7

We decided to split our drive home. We stopped by Georgia aquarium.

The drive was not pleasant. We had to take a detour because of stopped traffic on 75 for 7-10 miles.

{side note: we passed by the town where they filmed the walking dead. Good thing I was watching the first season and the group was still in Atlanta/cdc instead of Hampton/senoia, GA}

We also got stuck at the downtown streets. It was a Saturday and spring break.... My advise: might as well skip atl during spring break weekends!

We didn't get into the aquarium till 5p. We killed some time at the nearby centennial park.

Mr. Shadow photobombing SJ's moment

Since the admission tickets are controlled, there were not too many people inside the aquarium when we finally got in.

It was worth it once we have seen these amazing creatures.

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