Oh mama!

This pregnancy has been one of a kind. I hoped I would be an 'expert' by now since this is my 4th pregnancy and all. But things are way different.

First, I'm way way overweight (!) I started 5-10 lbs than my previous pre-pregnancy weight. I was hopeful that I'll curb my weight gain. Eeeeehhhh. Not. I'm still averaging 30-35 lbs weight gain.

I worked full time for my first three pregnancies and I didn't have to wear support hosiery. Call it stubbornness. Or laziness to go to the store.

Thanks to Amazon prime ~ I got myself a pair of these babies. It was a two-person job to put these on. But so worth it. The 14 hour drive on spring break finally got me scared of swelling and DVTs. I have a week of wards in May and you will for sure see me wearing these around the hospital.

Truform 8865, Compression Stockings, Below Knee, Closed Toe, 20-30 mmhg, Beige, Medium

I'm carrying this baby very low. My hips are loosening at a much earlier time period. People say it's because it's my 4th pregnancy. Things have been stretched everywhere. (Yes yes don't remind me!)

This is also my first time to wear a mini cradle belt ~ belly support belt. I love it. I have both belly support and back support. I don't care that it shows through some of my tight fitting tops. I've been wearing the belt everyday and I love it.

Louis Vuitton Damier clutch //Target tights // Franco Sarto wedges

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  1. Aww...you look so sweet! Congrats on baby number four!!

  2. Wow! I've been gone tooooo long!! Congrats on this new pregnancy!!! Trying to get my act together for a re-boot of Medical Monday!!! :)

    1. yay! please do! please bring it back.... you know how much i love to co-host :)


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