i should blog more

I was browsing on my feed last night... and something captured my attention. It's one of my posts from the linkwithin widget. The one below my post that says "You might also like..."

I clicked on one post... then another... then another... You get the picture. I went down memory lane. I saw my growing belly for Baby D3 now we know was Bastian. I saw my crazy outfit posts. I read some postpartum changes, etc. etc.

Hubs asked: what are you doing?
Me: oh just reading. I should blog more. I love going through old posts.

I aspire to write funny stories (like Grace) or some nice thoughtful posts (like Laura) or pretty fashion posts (like Andrea). And since I overthink it (maybe), I end up not blogging at all. 90% of my posts are all about my children or outfits or day-to-day blahs. They seemed unimportant when I write them. I think only a handful of people read my posts (thanks!) but like last night, I went through old posts and I loved what I read.

I am sharing two fun days spent with my loves.

Here they are, waiting for the movie to start.

Then we stopped at the mall to eat lunch, buy Daniel cleats, go to the lego store and get more loose-fitting nonmaternity clothes for me (unplanned!)

last night, I shared this video already... but Ig only posts 15 sec clips. here's the 30 second full video.

5 years from now, I will see the thumbnail for this video and read this post. I am sure I will like it!

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