I'll babble if I want to ~ SJ

Mass grades:
Daniel - A
Isabel - B
Sebastian - F

My SJ does not have a lot of words. He started as a quiet baby. Now at least he babbles and vocalizes.

His favorite is saying o-oh, repeatedly. Inside the church. During Mass. My husband has this rule that we don't take the children to the cry room. Whenever we take them there -- it feels like a treat for them. So rule was if the children fuss, We will go to the back of the church.

Time spent at the back of the church:
Derrick - 46.35%
Me - 43.65 %
Sebastian - 90%

I might not have gotten the most out of the homily than usual. Yet I know there is something about bringing the little children to the Lord. I love going to Mass by myself sometimes. But I also know I need to bring them to church. How else are they going to learn to behave there, right?

Casual outfit I wore during our movie date matinee-style. I threw a cardi over it and there you go~ Mass outfit ~ checked!

Motherhood maternity top // motherhood maternity skirt // Bellini wedges via zulily

Don't mind the weeds and dead plants surrounding my tulips. They are still so pretty!

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