5Faves: pregnancy, parenting books

I was asked about books I read about pregnancy and parenting. Here are my five faves.

1.Nursing mother working mother - I read this cover to cover.

2. Your baby's first year - I skimmed through this and read topics I had questions about. It's by the American academy of pediatrics.

3. I'm pregnant. - I read this instead of 'what to expect when you're expecting.' I read it during pregnancy. Took it out again for my second and third. I like the colorful pictures of the embryo and fetus. There are also helpful tips for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

4. Happiest baby on the block - good for sleep training. We learned about the S's. Shush. Swaddle. Side. Suck...

5. The gift of motherhood - book we used for our child birth classes. For my third pregnancy, I actually took this book out during my early labor to remind me of the different phases. Even an MD needed a refresher course.

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  1. We loved The Happiest Baby on the Block. I'm not sure I would have survived my eldest child's infancy without it. :-)

  2. Thanks for the recs this is perfect since Im 31 weeks now :) I havent been thrilled with any of the popular pregnancy books Ive read but these have promise-Ill check some out.


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