free breakfast

I know these things happen to other people.
But certainly, not with me....

or so I thought.

A nice customer paid for your food. He said, "I don't know them, but I would like to pay for their food." , said the server.

What?!?!? really... I thought.

I wish Daniel and I can thank that nice gentleman who paid for our breakfast. I kept thinking that he must have used his retirement savings... but that was not the point of his good act. He did not wait for us to make eye contact and thank him. Instead he did it behind the scenes. He did his good act and he left.

His good deed spoke volumes. A lot of times, I perform my chores or responsibilities and I want acknowledgment. I made dinner, I changed diapers, I cleaned the kitchen.... and I want to be acknowledged.

From that nice angel who "paid it forward", I learned something I have known all along. In everything I do, I serve Jesus. I don't serve myself. If I perform my good acts to "make myself feel better," then I am totally missing the point.

I have missed the point quite a few times in my life.
I am just glad God gives me angels like that man, to steer me to the right path.

Thus, when you give alms, sound no trumpet before you...*

Daniel -- so happy for the mom-son-date before school starts.

*Matthew 6:2

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  1. How sweet! I love hearing stories like these. :)


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