talking about boards, Chicago and playing the piano {7QT}

Joining Jen for 7 quick takes Friday (thursday in my case)...

I have been MIA from blogging.... and I can fill up these quick takes for reasons why.

1. One might say, you're a part-timer: life should be "easy". Well, yes and no. I love being home with my babies. But I am still finding the work and life balance. I am slow finishing my work (ie re-reading EEGs, making sure I did not miss a seizure or spike) and end up bringing work home. That has to change though.

2. Countdown for the boards
Set your timers. I have less than 8 weeks reviewing for my initial certification in Child Neurology. Reviewing just got super-serious. Bring out the highlighters, different colored pens and flash cards.

3. Board review course
Last week, hubs, the littlest one and I drove to Chicago for a 5-day board review course. I am so glad I went. It was an intense five days. I was in the conference room from 7:30a to 7p. It was a good reward to spend time with my husband and Sebastian after a long day of class.

Derrick did get bored of his mini vacation away from the older two... but he got a lot of stuff done with his car, shopping at IKEA, work clothes shopping at the new fashion outlet that is literally 15 minute walk from the hotel!

I broke down and went shopping Saturday night and spent money at Saks! now, Derrick has to take me out to dinner dates so I can wear my new dresses :)

~~ Not from the fashion outlet. Taken at the Louis store at magnificent mile.

4. When in Chicago....
We went to the Filipino restaurant in the north side of Chicago. It's not a fancy restaurant. Entrees are fairly priced. But it's what you call a "hole in the wall" place -- but hey they serve really good food.

I ordered entrees that I don't usually make at home.

Inihaw na baboy (pork BBQ)

Inihaw na pusit (grilled squid)

not shown: karekare (my order), calamari (appetizer), tocino and pancit bihon (Derrick's order) we ordered enough for 10 people!

5. Playing again
I have been playing my piano almost every night. I was sad when I left for Chicago because that meant I could not play for 6 days.
what's the motivation?
While praying after Communion one Sunday, I realized I want to offer my talent to God and to the church. So I volunteered to play at Mass sometime. This came out of nowhere and from someone (me) who has not played in public for 14 years! I have played occasionally at home but not for a general audience since highschool.

yes, I am crazy. I need lots of practice.
This desire, I can only attribute as prompting of the Holy Spirit... Is there any other crazy reason?

Instead of freaking out or getting anxious preparing and practicing, playing the piano is actually pretty calming. So some nights, instead of blogging, I take out Bach or Beethoven and play a little....

I am not there yet (at all!) to play for the entire Mass. I need lots and lots of practice and courage. I will be praying: Come Holy Spirit and calm my nerves! I will start out playing a communion hymn or the offertory -- baby steps.

6. What? School started already?
Not for my son -- not yet.
Some of my patients are already back in school since August 1st. I am a slacker mom. I still need to order Daniel's school uniforms. Thank goodness, he can still wear his shorts and shirts from last year (he did not really grow that much!) I am still waiting for the Old Navy sale. They had pretty good deals last year for school uniforms. I have rewards that I can use! (fist bump)

7. Daniel and Isabel
I was just gone for 5 days and came home to:
~~~Daniel speaking in full sentences, telling me stories, conversing like an adult. He has done that before anyway but it's amazing how distance helps me realize how wonderful my children are! I see him in a different light.
~~~Isabel is loosing her baby face. She is growing way too fast! I showed her a video of the Indy Hula group. She loves it and wants to do it. I will definitely sign us up!

so that's it...
Happy day to all!!!

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  1. You look so pretty! Love the blue dress. And you should share pics of your Saks dresses, I want to see ;)


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